Cera Rev 1.2


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The Cera Rev 1.2 is a DLP resin 3D printer kit. Print with resin reliably. Easy to build for an affordable price.

Disclaimers: The printer is shipped as a kit and assembly is required. To minimize cost to you the projector and power supply are sold separately. Please see below for recommended DLP projectors and power supply. Assembly includes wire cutting and wiring, please use at your own risk.

•Great Quality 3D Prints
•Authentic Arduino Uno R3
•Anti-Backlash Nut
•Features a replaceable Flex-Vat for a consistent stick-free vat surface. The replaceable Flex-Vat ensures that layers stick to each other and not the vat surface itself.
•3 hour approx. build time
•Easy to assemble
•Removable build plate for easy accessed to finished prints.

Weight: 2.5 kg
Printer Dimensions: H 434mm W 306mm L 264mm
Material Type: Resin
Printer Type: DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Firmware: GRBL v0.8
Layer Resolution: Tested at 0.05mm and 0.1mm (movable by 0.005mm)
3D Print Build Size: 80mm x 90mm x 140mm
Build Plate Size: 51mm (X and Y Printable up to 80mm x 90mm with supports)

For a list of usable DLP projectors please see the projector list on the BuildYourOwnSLA.com Forum. We recommend the Acer H6510BD because it requires no modifications to the projector.

Projector List Forum Link

Our recommended power supply is available with free shipping on Amazon Prime

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Made to order. Ships within 10-12 business days.
Free Shipping.

Image of Cera Rev 1.2 Image of Cera Rev 1.2 Image of Cera Rev 1.2 Image of Cera Rev 1.2